couple exchange marriage vows

Couple exchange marriage vows in each state and ultimately tie the knot in a city called Hell

An adventurous couple exchange marriage vows in every state of the USA in their “Vows-across-the-USA” wedding theme.

In 2010, Bucky and Sandy Delano were romantically involved. Together, they would go on holidays, visiting four or five other states before returning home and returning to their occupations.

When they first started dating, Bucky claimed that his love for Sandy was bigger than the tallest mountain.

To which Sandy responded that her love was greater than the entire country, that’s when the daring couple decided to exchange vows in all 50 states, according to PEOPLE.

Starting their eight-year journey to marry across the country began in Niagara Falls in 2012 and ended in Alaska in the summer of 2020.

couple exchange marriage vows
The Delanos at Mount Rushmore

At each location, Bucky donned an American flag shirt in keeping with their “Vows-Across-the-USA” wedding theme, while Sandy accessorized her white wedding gown with red, white, and blue pieces.

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The Delanos love showing off their wedding album, which has pictures of the couple exchanging marriage vows in every state in the union, under an arch in St. Louis, on a beach in Hawaii, at Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and many more.

The couple found the entire experience “incredible” as people would wave at them or toot their horn, recalls Sandy, 76, a former childcare worker.

When it came time for the pair to get married legally in 2013, Hell, Michigan, was their unusual choice of venue.

couple exchange marriage vows
At the Grand Canyon via Bucky’s Facebook

The 71-year-old former papermill worker Bucky joked, “We thought it would be funny to say we got married in Hell.” “A marriage that begins in hell can only go upwards!”

On their fifth and tenth anniversary, the pair went back to Hell to reaffirm their marriage at Hell’s Chapel of Love; according to Bucky, their officiant, Ann Jarema, is now a member of their family.

The couple moved out of their Topsham, Maine, house after retiring and are now full-time RV residents.

Sandy describes how the weddings caused their affections for each other to grow immensely. In the meantime, living together in a 32-foot camper actually brought them closer.

They recently returned from a second cross-country tour to see all 50 state capitals, which they started after their wedding vacation. They are currently in Arizona making plans for their upcoming travels.

couple exchange marriage vows
At Niagara Falls

Despite their extensive journeys, the couple are “not ready to stop traveling” anytime soon.

Bucky says that as long as they are together, they are at home, and they see an opportunity to embark on a new journey in the face of any challenge, even a flat tire.

“We refer to it as an adventure instead of whining about things, and it seems like nothing really stops us—it’s just a new adventure that we [weren’t] planning on,” says Bucky. “We just keep going because we love what we’re doing!”

Maya Bennett