the youngest mayor in america

Brooke Huckaby, 21, from Arabi, Georgia, is the youngest mayor in America

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Brooke Huckaby, a 21-year-old college student from Georgia, has created history by becoming the youngest mayor in America.

A 21-year-old college student, Brooke Huckaby has become the first female mayor in the history of Georgia state. Not only this, but she is also the youngest-ever female mayor in United States history.

Apart from pursuing a degree in agricultural technology from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, she is also an employee of the Georgia Department of Agriculture.


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The talented youngster was elected the mayor of Arabi, Georgia, on November 7, and is now working hard trying to balance out her academics, with her part-time job, and full-time mayor responsibilities.

the youngest mayor in america
Brooke Huckaby: Image via her Facebook

Although she is now the mayor, there are still some skeptical about whether she will be able to lead a town of less than 600 at such a young age.

But Huckaby is determined and not scared of criticism and feels this is the only way to learn about how a government runs.

She questioned WALB, “How is someone supposed to gain any experience without putting themselves into the ring?”

She explained, that her generation and other Gen-Zers lack interest in politics and this is one of the major reasons why she chose to run for mayor.

Huckaby believes, that youngsters today play no role in the economy or politics and the older generation won’t be around to look after them always.

This disinterest is what motivated her to take part in active politics and become a changemaker.

After joining the office this January, Huckaby’s normal day includes passing off work orders for the city, studying, working at the Department of Agriculture, and working with scientists in agricultural research.

Although she finds juggling all her duties difficult, the young politician takes it as a challenge.

Not new to politics, her father, Craig Huckaby, has been the mayor of their town for the last 12 years and now mentors her in the new role.

the youngest mayor in america
Craig and Brooke Huckaby: Image via her Facebook

Huckaby never told her dad about her political inclinations and even kept the details of her candidacy hidden from him. He found out about his daughter’s nomination only through his secretary.

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As of now, Huckaby is involved with various important issues including road construction, improving internet connectivity, and community conflict resolution.

Just like her father, she too aims to set up a police department in the town.

Huckaby hopes she will inspire other young leaders to come forward and change the leadership situation in America.

As per her earlier Facebook posts, Huckaby is a Republican and has supported former President Donald Trump.

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