joe whale doodles

13-year-old Joe Whale doodles his way into a Nike deal, thanks to his love for doodling

A British boy, Joe Whale doodles professionally enough to secure a Nike deal!

From the young age of 9 years, Joe Whale from Shropshire, UK, has always been an artist, and whenever he had any free time at school, he would start doodling, as shared by LadBible.

Even his teachers would reprimand him and he regularly landed in trouble due to his passion for doodling. 

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When teachers complained to his parents about his pastime activity at school, his parents decided to get him enrolled in an after-school art club. 

Joe’s art teacher was also impressed by his artistry and began posting his doodles on Instagram, which attracted many people from around the world.

joe whale doodles
Joe Whale AKA the ‘Doodle Boy’: Picture from his Instagram

And in an amazing stroke of luck, now at 13 years of age, Joe has been signed by Nike to become a “co-creator,” and he encourages children to be more creative.

His father confirmed to CNN, “Joe is really excited to join the Nike Family, he absolutely loves the brand.”

When one of his pictures went viral, the talented teen was invited to go on the sets of Little Big Shots in LA and he got to design the whole set in January 2020. 

As Joe and his doodling started gaining attention, he amassed more than 185,000 followers on his Instagram account. 

Affectionately known as the “Doodle Boy” by his fans, he can create doodles of pretty much anything and gets inspired by everyday objects, be it burgers, flowers, or clouds. 

joe whale doodles
Young artist at work: Picture from his Instagram

The young doodler believes in only one golden rule, which is complete and free expression of art and there is no right or wrong in it since it is more about interpretation.

The Duke, Prince William, and Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton are also fans of his artistry; and he has also illustrated a children’s book titled – Games of Scones (Bad Food 1) written by Eric Luper.

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