first free grocery store

Historic Opening: Canada’s First FREE Grocery Store in Saskatchewan

The launch of Canada’s first free grocery store is set to revolutionize grocery shopping for the nation’s food-insecure population!

1881 Broad St., in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, will soon be home to Canada’s first grocery store that will provide free food to the community, as per the Good News Network.

With an increase in the number of people experiencing food insecurity around the country, food banks have become a crucial resource for up to 25% of Regina residents.

first free grocery store
Renders of the upcoming free food grocery store via Regina Food’s Facebook

The Regina Food Bank currently offers people a pre-made stock of produce, which includes canned/boxed foods as well as any other readily available food items. Most of the time, this crate has no connection to food allergies, dietary requirements, or food coherence.

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David Froh, vice-president of the Regina Food Bank told CBC News, while various clients will have different needs, they will all receive a uniform box of items that may not be fully beneficial to them.

To address this issue while still providing for approximately 25% more people, they decided to establish the first free grocery store.

This would also help people overcome the stigma of receiving food from a food bank and allow them to choose the food that is truly beneficial to them.

first free grocery store

One client mentioned that he usually barters unwanted food items with a neighbor to assist them and reduce waste. However, not everyone does so, and a large amount of food is still wasted.

Aside from feeding the homeless, the Regina Food Bank serves meals and snacks to around 2,000 students, with 18% of food bank clients being full-time working people.

Since the Canadian government is not funding the food bank, they have raised CAD$3.7 million for the grocery store from private investors and donations.

They accept all kinds of donations, whether they are coins from a child’s piggy bank or notable checks obtained through big corporations.

Regina Foods also seeks to encourage food sustainability and nutritional quality, therefore the majority of the produce will come from Saskatchewan’s locally farmed producers.

The grocery store, which will be open all five days a week, will also have an activity space outdoors with a basketball court, an outdoor garden, a dining area, and a playground.

To support the daily operations of the Regina Food Bank’s new free food grocery store, click here to donate!

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