does true love actually exist

Does TRUE LOVE Actually Exist?

Ah, love! It makes our hearts sing, butterflies flutter, and movies end happily ever after. Ever wonder, is it real? Does true love actually exist?

Have you ever scrolled through endless profiles on Tinder or other dating apps, wondering if true love even exists?

In a world where relationships are as fragile as phone screens, finding “the one” feels like a fantasy. Does real, lasting true love even exist, or is it just Hollywood magic?

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Let’s imagine: it’s a random Tuesday at school/work. A new face walks in, eyes sparkling, smile contagious. Bam!

Your heart explodes – butterflies, daydreams, the whole shebang. Suddenly, the world transforms. Jokes become symphonies, traffic whispers secrets, and your own reflection beams with a newfound sunshine.

It’s easy to blame this magic on that “perfect someone,” but the truth is, this sweetness blooms within you.

Yes, they sparked it, but the fuel comes from your own heart. Those warm feelings, that radiant glow – they always lived inside, waiting for the right trigger to come out.

The world outside stays the same. Same noises, same crowds, same chaos. But your lens has shifted.

The thorns that pricked you before barely register now. Your mind feels lighter, your outlook refreshed.

does true love actually exist
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But here’s the catch: what if your dreamboat turns out less charming than expected? That sweetness can vanish in a heartbeat, leaving you heartbroken.

This is why it’s crucial to cultivate that love within yourself, independent of anyone else. Become the source of your own light, radiate that sweetness without needing external validation.

No external factor is required, you can learn to cultivate that spark inside you on your own. Indeed, it might sound difficult at first and even seem impossible to some, however, one needs to work on their inner-self.

So, ditch the endless swiping and start cultivating your own inner garden. When you bloom from within, love becomes your constant companion, not a fleeting promise from a phone screen.

Maya Bennett