releasing butterflies at wedding

Bride Honors Late Father by Releasing Butterflies at Wedding, They Linger Lovingly by Her Side

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Releasing butterflies at wedding in Massachusetts brings immense joy to the bride and her family!

A bride, Amy Rose Perry, and groom Matthew Perry, had the moment of a lifetime during their wedding ceremony held on June 14 at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Perry was just seven years old when her father, Nathaniel Machain, passed away in 1999, and she wanted to include a memory of him on her wedding day.

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To make her dad’s presence felt at the end of the wedding, she decided to open a box of monarch butterflies and release them.

Surprisingly, the butterflies hopped onto her wedding gown and instead of flying away, they just chose to remain there for the rest of the evening. The pretty insects landed on Perry’s dress, on her sister’s bouquet, and over Matthew’s heart.

releasing butterflies at wedding
Butterflies on the wedding dress of Amy Rose Perry: Image via Brit Perkins

Perry told that she felt a powerful connection with her father at that moment and the beautiful insects reassured her that the wedding was blessed by him.

The amazing pictures of the incident were captured by photographer Brit Perkins, who was covering the wedding event.

Not only are butterflies said to have a connection with deceased loved ones, but they seem to have a special importance for Perry and her family.

Ever since her dad, Nathaniel Machain, passed away at the young age of 36 due to appendix cancer, butterflies have been an integral part of her life.

Exactly a year after her dad’s passing away, Perry, her sister, mom, and some family friends were out for a hike. Her father passed away at noon at the same time, a monarch butterfly flew and came close to them and sat on all three of them for a while.

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Despite being a young child, Perry, still remembers the incident clearly and describes it as “a pretty profound, crazy moment.”  

Since then, she has spotted monarch butterflies on Father’s Day and her dad’s birthday on many occasions.

She believes the gorgeous insects have a deep connection with her dad’s memory and feels they are a powerful reminder of his presence.

Perry remembers her dad as a selfless man who taught her the importance of compassion and generosity. She has fond memories of him and the warmth of his love.

releasing butterflies at wedding
Another click by Brit Perkins

During his final year, he wrote down many cards for Perry and her younger sister, Molly, for all the missed milestones they would have to celebrate without him.

He had also written a card meant for her wedding that read, “Out of all the cards I have written this is obviously the most difficult. I will be with you in your heart as you walk down that aisle.”

It was an emotional moment when she released the butterflies because the audio in the background played one of her dad’s favorite phrases, “Two hugs and kisses for my little girlie whirlies.”

Even if someone chooses to do something special in memory of a deceased loved one on their special moment or not, know that they are always watching over you!

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