special needs families

Bride donates $15,000 reception to special needs families after calling off her wedding

Unknown bride-to-be called off her fully paid wedding reception and donated the event to special needs families.

An anonymous California bride-to-be reportedly canceled her entire $15,000 non-refundable wedding reception after finding out information about her fiancé, which is the epitome of the worst-case situation.

However, as Fox News reports, she turned the catastrophe around by giving the reception—which included food, dessert, beverages, dancing, a DJ, and a photo booth—to Parents Helping Parents, a nonprofit organization that supports local parents of children with special needs.

Special needs families

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Maria Daane, executive director of Parents Helping Parents (PHP), stated that she felt extremely grateful for the resilience and kindness of people.

The fact that the bride could do something so generous and thoughtful, despite her suffering and sadness was truly inspiring.

In Daane’s lengthy career of happy experiences, the bride’s giving of her wedding banquet is icing on the cake. She continued, saying that the charity was completely taken aback by the bride’s generosity.

Having spent her entire career working in the not-for-profit sector, Daane told Fox News that witnessing good causes inspire people’s most generous impulses is the most fulfilling part of her profession.

For the “Ball for All,” PHP organizers sent out invitations, and 48 hours before the event, every seat was reserved.

Everyone who witnessed the bride’s comprehensive description of the celebration—which was intended for everyone with special needs, from “0 to 100″—was moved by her kindness.

Nearly all of the attendees at the event, according to Daane, were “a young adult with special needs, their parents, or a caregiver.”

The excitement and happiness of the guests as soon as the ballroom doors opened, as they flowed into a stunning room illuminated by candles and furnished with white linen tables, truly conveyed the tale of how wonderful and unusual this occasion was.

Maya Bennett